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How To Buy Bike Racks? A Simple Guideline

August 16, 2017 - No Responses

With today’s bicycles not costing a big fortune, cyclists are no doubt looking for bike racks that won’t dent their bikes & allow them to lock the frame and wheel with a  U’ lock.

Regrettably, most of the parking facilities offered for cyclists are designed poorly & remain unused. Cyclists are pushed to lock their bicycles to trees & posts or slant them against building fronts & windows. This not just makes an eyesore, but prompts damage to the property & becomes a risk to pedestrians.

The secret to offering a secure and efficient bicycle parking program is to delineate top-quality, eye-catching bicycle racks. In a country like Australia, this denotes bike racks should at least comply the parking device guidelines instituted by Austroads Part 14 and AS2890.3.

Bike Racks

Listed below are guidelines to assist you to choose a bicycle rack that meets the guidelines:

  • Bike racks must appeal cyclists, and their construction should encourage use.
  • Security – The rack should let the bike wheels and frame to be locked safely.
  • Protection – Racks must support the bike frame & not hold the wheel
  • Racks must be constructed from heavy duty, weather and tamper resistant materials.
  • Choice of mounting the Cycle on Wall or on Wheel or even Hitch mounting rack for movement

bike racks

Finishes & materials:

Most good bike racks sold on the market today are available in a variety of finishes and materials but the durability is a key factor is a factor you must look for; Some examples are:

Galvanized Steel – Practically maintenance free & weather resistant galvanized steels are the best material that bike rack manufacturer can use. Bike racks and rails that have been ‘hot-dipped’ galvanized provide the most durable galvanized finish. However, try to ignore pre-galvanized tube unless using underground areas.

Stainless Steel – Attractive & costly, stainless steels are well-suited for plazas & for buildings with stainless supplies. Ask your bike rack supplier for top-quality Grade 316 or 304 Stainless Steel. The integration of an electro-polish finish boosts the shine & adds supplementary protection.

Type of use:

Bike racks are most commonly used both indoor and outdoor for Cycle safety and space management. Commercially racks are installed in residential buildings, parks, shopping centers and schools and colleges and other public places on parking lots.  Also in home, one can have a wall mounted rack.

Cost as well:

Price does differ with shape and size, quality and practicality and versatility, easy maintenance feature of the design or even as per a custom design need.

Kings Bicycle Parking is Australia’s leading Fabricator of bike racks that can be used in places like shopping centers, parks, schools, college, residential buildings, etc. We offer long duration warranty on manufacture and finish of our listed range of Bike racks. Let us know if you have any special bike rack design in mind. For any help, feel free to contact us on 1800 272 849.

Bike Racks & Rails for Ensuring Optimal Bike Parking

June 6, 2017 - No Responses

People these days in Australia are widely seen opting for cycling, which is not only meant as an exercising technique but also considered to cover short distances for leisure travel. Enjoying cycling in Australia proves in making life simple and allows you to stressfully escape busy traffic as well as helps in reducing carbon foot prints from the environment. Use of bike racks and rails helps in preventing your bicycle from getting stolen as these are solid structures to which you can securely attach the bicycle.

Bicycle Racks-Good Investment for Businesses in Australia:


With bike commuting has become a growing trend among Australia’s largest urban centers, most business owners are looking forward to make an infrastructure for bicycle parking in front of their shops and stores. By using high quality and upgraded bicycle racks and rails one can create an optimal bike parking facilities, in order to avoid a sight un-organized and messy bike parking, which can result in:

  • Damaging your store’s infrastructure or look like decorative gates and fences.
  • Increases bike theft.
  • Gives a cluttered look to your storefront.
  • Results in driving away prospective customers.

Reasons to Use Bike Racks & Rails at your Business Place:


Support Proper Infrastructure:

By using bicycle racks in front of your business store or showroom in Australia you can protect the sidewalk amenities that suitably add a lovely accent to the streetscapes, which generally gets ruined, for instance most bikers use the small trees in the sidewalks as a substitute of bicycle rack thus resulting in damaging or killing the trees. Apart from this, use of bicycle racks will enhance your store’s appearance.

Assurance of a secured parking:

You can assure your customers to get a secure and organized parking for their bikes by using bike racks & rails. Not only you will get satisfied customers but also make your employees happy, as they can also take an advantage of secured bike parking.

Attract Potential Customers:

Bikers, who were just zooming past your storefront before, will stop now and give a visit to the store because of by noticing a secured bicycle parking arrangement. With an assurance of keeping their bicycle secured in the parking area they will visit your store with peace of mind.


Getting Durable Bike Racks & Rails in Australia:

Kings Bicycle Parking offers top quality bike racks & rails in Australia that are durable structures and proves to be a good theft deterrent once the bike is locked or chained to it. With quality and excellence we are successfully serving the Australian community since 1996.

USP of Kings Bicycle Parking:

  • Top quality manufactured product.
  • Galvanized and stainless steel bicycle racks.
  • Customized solution for getting bike racks & rails having AS 3890.3 (Australian Standard).
  • 15 years of warranty on our manufactured product.
  • Reasonable price.

Contact us today at 1800 272 849 or send an email to .

Efficient and Qualitative Bike Racks ForA Healthy Workplace

February 9, 2017 - No Responses

Well, you might remember the day when you have first learned how to ride a bike. Like everyone, you must have started with training wheels and obtaining a feeling for how the pedals moved the chain, how the handlebars functioned the wheels and lastly how the brakes save you from meeting any accident.

Popularity Of Recent Biking Trends Among Youth Generation

Currently, bikes are often used as the best option for office employee transportation; as the recent trends have turned to encourage to make a greener world. Therefore, an excellent motivation is required to make a bike-friendly workstation. However, creating a bike-friendly campus or workplace can offer a great value to your place. As the employees are now looking to get more efficient, healthier and greener activities for their routine chores, so bike commutation has become more and more in demand!

Whether you are just interested in creating a bike-friendly workplace or want to attract the attention of employees, our quick guide to the benefits of bike-friendly workplace will be insightful.

Top BenefitsOf Using Bike Racks and Rails In Workplaces

Motivates Workplace Morale

After all, boosting employee morals doesn’t have to happen always inside the office; as it can occur before entering into the office, after or during lunch hours. Installing top quality bike racks and rails can make a beautiful workplace; which will consequently boost morale of employees.

Reduces Sick Time Of Employees

In fact, health care prices of workplaces everywhere in the world have been soaring; but the employers who are installing bicycle racks usually spend less on health care. It’s due to the reason that employees who bike to work are often less sick; which makes companies having to provide lower health care costs.

Ensures Safety Of Employee’s Bicycles

Like every individual, employees are attached emotionally to their bikes. They must have spent a bit of time researching which bicycle to buy and even spent a quality time riding bikes. However, bikes are nothing but the ultimate reflection of their personality. So help them protect their exclusive possessions by installing top quality bike racks and rails. No doubt, it will be a secure as well as convenient bike parking for your commercial enterprises.

Finding A Great Standard Bicycle Racks With Excellent Functionality

Kings Bicycle Parking Australia, a reputable Australian manufacturer of bike racks and rails provides excellent grade commercial bicycle racks for indoor and outdoor places like parks, residential buildings, schools, colleges and much more. Improve the efficiency and value of your workplace with finely manufactured bike rails and racks from Kings Bicycle Parking Australia.

For more details regarding our bike rack products and pricing information, feel free to contact us today at 1800 272 849!