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How To Buy Bike Racks? A Simple Guideline

August 16, 2017 - No Responses

With today’s bicycles not costing a big fortune, cyclists are no doubt looking for bike racks that won’t dent their bikes & allow them to lock the frame and wheel with a  U’ lock.

Regrettably, most of the parking facilities offered for cyclists are designed poorly & remain unused. Cyclists are pushed to lock their bicycles to trees & posts or slant them against building fronts & windows. This not just makes an eyesore, but prompts damage to the property & becomes a risk to pedestrians.

The secret to offering a secure and efficient bicycle parking program is to delineate top-quality, eye-catching bicycle racks. In a country like Australia, this denotes bike racks should at least comply the parking device guidelines instituted by Austroads Part 14 and AS2890.3.

Bike Racks

Listed below are guidelines to assist you to choose a bicycle rack that meets the guidelines:

  • Bike racks must appeal cyclists, and their construction should encourage use.
  • Security – The rack should let the bike wheels and frame to be locked safely.
  • Protection – Racks must support the bike frame & not hold the wheel
  • Racks must be constructed from heavy duty, weather and tamper resistant materials.
  • Choice of mounting the Cycle on Wall or on Wheel or even Hitch mounting rack for movement

bike racks

Finishes & materials:

Most good bike racks sold on the market today are available in a variety of finishes and materials but the durability is a key factor is a factor you must look for; Some examples are:

Galvanized Steel – Practically maintenance free & weather resistant galvanized steels are the best material that bike rack manufacturer can use. Bike racks and rails that have been ‘hot-dipped’ galvanized provide the most durable galvanized finish. However, try to ignore pre-galvanized tube unless using underground areas.

Stainless Steel – Attractive & costly, stainless steels are well-suited for plazas & for buildings with stainless supplies. Ask your bike rack supplier for top-quality Grade 316 or 304 Stainless Steel. The integration of an electro-polish finish boosts the shine & adds supplementary protection.

Type of use:

Bike racks are most commonly used both indoor and outdoor for Cycle safety and space management. Commercially racks are installed in residential buildings, parks, shopping centers and schools and colleges and other public places on parking lots.  Also in home, one can have a wall mounted rack.

Cost as well:

Price does differ with shape and size, quality and practicality and versatility, easy maintenance feature of the design or even as per a custom design need.

Kings Bicycle Parking is Australia’s leading Fabricator of bike racks that can be used in places like shopping centers, parks, schools, college, residential buildings, etc. We offer long duration warranty on manufacture and finish of our listed range of Bike racks. Let us know if you have any special bike rack design in mind. For any help, feel free to contact us on 1800 272 849.

Significance Of Bicycle Racks

April 22, 2017 - No Responses

Indeed, in the event that you are maintaining a business, eatery or any administration office and need to advance cycling in your premises as a mean of transportation, one of the best things you ought to do is to introduce bicycle racks in your premises.

It’s difficult to tell the general population the significance of bicycle racks for urging individuals to ride their bicycles in a urban zone. All things considered, if the cyclists don’t discover wherever to secure their bicycles at the shop or their workplaces, then they won’t ride their bicycles to achieve that goal.

It’s very simple for any shrewd cheat to take a bicycle, if that is not bolted to something. In any case, an opened bicycle is an immaculate thing for taking purposes. Indeed, the bikes will turn into their method for getting away from the wrongdoing scenes.

Bicycle Racks

Why Ought to A Business Introduce Bicycle Racks

  • A bike rack normally improves the quantity of vehicles that can undoubtedly stop inside your premises. Indeed, a parking spot for an auto can oblige up to 12 bikes.
  • With the particular range for stopping bicycles, you can offer you’re stopping territory a methodical appearance; so cyclists won’t need to bolt their bicycles to trees, railings, signs or seats.
  • Bike racks can make your business beat in advancing cycling for transportation.

Top Attributes Of The Best Quality Racks

  • A flawlessly steady and changeless structure is safely introduced in the ground.
  • It can offer support for an upright bike by its two sided outlines.
  • Creative outline examples to keep the bike from tilting over
  • Interesting capacity to bolster the bikes of various edge shapes and sizes
  • Enough space to secure the edge
  • Keep the bicycle wheels on the ground

Best Area To Put The Bike Racks

  • Noticeable, well lite, high person on foot movement regions
  • Near the section purpose of any business or flat
  • For long haul stopping arrangement, shield from the climate conditions can be a flawless choice

Purchasing the Top Quality Bike Racks Online

Kings Bicycle Parking Australia offers superb quality bike racks of various outlines and styles to look over. Our racks are produced from finest quality materials to guarantee beat execution and strength for the years to come. On the off chance that you are keen on investigating the creative alternatives for your business, then make a buy of bike racks from Lords Bike Stopping Australia. We generally endeavor to meet and surpass the desires of our clients with solid, useful and proficient items.

To discover a rack reasonable for you, simply experience our item list and empower a bicycle inviting space for your representatives and clients.

For more updates and warnings on bicycle racks and capacity frameworks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online.

Top 4 Tips to Buy Good Quality Bike Racks

March 6, 2017 - No Responses

Though the cycling industry grows continuously, the range of cycling accessories and complementary infrastructure grows accordingly. However, modern cyclists need much more than just transport from a destination to another – safety and protection of vehicles through good quality racks in order to find your bike in the same condition you left it. In fact, daily commuters, hobbyists and hardcore gearheads alike all have one thing in common – investment in a valuable means of transportation; the biking.

Likewise riding a bike daily, a bike rack installation is something you shouldn’t forget. After all, with the bike racks industry being so popular right now, a handful number of leading manufacturers are innovating new designs to set themselves apart in the competition with ease of installation, robust features, and unique functionalities.

If you are going to buy bike racks, then take a look at below discussed pointers. Consider following important facts to purchase a fine quality rack for your needs:

1. Bike Rack Features –

Once you’ve decided on the rack you want to install, you should keep the following features in mind:

Easy on and off

Creative folding design that stows away with ease

Sturdy straps to keep your bike safe and secure

Proper ability to hold the number of bikes you want to carry

Solid Warranty

2. Frame Compatibility –

Bicycle frame compatibility is the most important piece of information that you need to consider while buying bike racks. With the thousands of frame designs and shapes available and the frequency with which new stylish frames are hitting the market, it seems difficult to know about the bicycle frame compatibility information. If you use the bicycle frame on your own as a primary point of attachment, it will be prone to compatibility issues. Check with the company providing bike racks.

Bike racks

3. Security –

Security is the most important consideration you should take into account when purchasing a bike rack. Remember that, buying bike racks with locks will cost you a bit more up front, but can prevent the theft of your bike precisely. If you are not intended to leave your rack or bikes unattended, then purchasing a rack without security features can save you a great amount of money.


4. Choose the Perfect Material –

Most bike racks are manufactured from stainless steel. There are a few non-steel options available on the market, but stainless steel dominates the market for good reason. It’s due to their immense strength, economical pricing and easy to install as well as easy to maintain.

Conclusion –

Are you thinking to buy bicycle racks for the safety and protection of your bicycle? If yes, then consider investing in bike racks on Kings Bicycle Parking to get a great value on your purchase. For more information about our products and pricing details, please make a visit to our website today and feel free to get in touch with us online! We are ready to help you anytime!