Reduce the Parking Chaos in Australia

Cycling industry reports significant bicycles sales in Australia year on year even though the cycle cost is going up and becoming more costly. At the same time the public place, park, education, and hospitality centers in Australia. At this stage, everyone as Individual or Government or private bodies decision makers are more worried about cycle storage space, safety and protect the value of a Cycle, the Cyclist.  Even though there are many ways to look at this as a paid parking, free parking of Cycles and overall protection.  Bike Storage Systems are ultimate choice and preference as it allows a managed way of keeping the cycles at one place and reduce the space usage and even free from risks. Bike storage systems have the perfect solution for storing your bikes at every place may be home or public place and keep you out of worry.

Bicycle Parking Racks

Bike racks are most commonly used both indoor and outdoor for Cycle safety and space management.  Modern Bike storage systems provide a convenient facility for many people who already have cycled for their everyday transport needs.

Bike Rack Products –

Bike storage systemscome in various shapes and sizes in accordance with space where it is installed. For example,a parking space near a Park or hospital varies to that of an Educational Center. The Bike storage system for an office may differ than that of a housing society or at a transit point.  Looking all the requirements the Bicycle parking rack and rails are made from strong Stainless Steel with the option of Electropolishing, or Hot Dipped Galvanized Zinc Plate and Color Powder coated to give a smart look. Because the size or shape vary, these are fabricated based on the customer need of an institution or individual. The bike storage systems follow AS 2890.3 which helps to install these in a Semi Vertical and Two-Tier cycle racks, Cycle sheds, open cycle shelter and anywhere. These are environment-friendly and come with asound warranty. Just install a Bike storage rackand avoid last minute parking chaos in Australia.

Bicycle Racks

Mount option-

The Layout design of the parking place, the nature of bicycle racking system determines the number of Cycle Racks and rails be installed and a professional Bicycle Storage company can fabricate, install and maintain the bike racks. Bike racks must be mounted on the rails to make it strong and immovable.  It can be surface mount, In-Ground Mount or rail mount but with an AS 2890.3approach, it maintains adequate distance between cycles and proper setback is maintained.

Conclusion –

Kings Bicycle Parking Australia’s leading Fabricator of top quality Bike storage systems, Bike Racks that can fulfill commercial and domestic bike parking need. No matter what your type of cycling and rack requirements, Kings Bicycle Parking Australia aims at providing practical and easy to use bike parking equipment for small to large bike rack solutions. We offer long duration warranty on manufacture and finish of our listed range of Bike racks. For any bike rack fabrication requirements email at or call us on 1800 272 849.