Bike Racks & Rails for Ensuring Optimal Bike Parking

People these days in Australia are widely seen opting for cycling, which is not only meant as an exercising technique but also considered to cover short distances for leisure travel. Enjoying cycling in Australia proves in making life simple and allows you to stressfully escape busy traffic as well as helps in reducing carbon foot prints from the environment. Use of bike racks and rails helps in preventing your bicycle from getting stolen as these are solid structures to which you can securely attach the bicycle.

Bicycle Racks-Good Investment for Businesses in Australia:


With bike commuting has become a growing trend among Australia’s largest urban centers, most business owners are looking forward to make an infrastructure for bicycle parking in front of their shops and stores. By using high quality and upgraded bicycle racks and rails one can create an optimal bike parking facilities, in order to avoid a sight un-organized and messy bike parking, which can result in:

  • Damaging your store’s infrastructure or look like decorative gates and fences.
  • Increases bike theft.
  • Gives a cluttered look to your storefront.
  • Results in driving away prospective customers.

Reasons to Use Bike Racks & Rails at your Business Place:


Support Proper Infrastructure:

By using bicycle racks in front of your business store or showroom in Australia you can protect the sidewalk amenities that suitably add a lovely accent to the streetscapes, which generally gets ruined, for instance most bikers use the small trees in the sidewalks as a substitute of bicycle rack thus resulting in damaging or killing the trees. Apart from this, use of bicycle racks will enhance your store’s appearance.

Assurance of a secured parking:

You can assure your customers to get a secure and organized parking for their bikes by using bike racks & rails. Not only you will get satisfied customers but also make your employees happy, as they can also take an advantage of secured bike parking.

Attract Potential Customers:

Bikers, who were just zooming past your storefront before, will stop now and give a visit to the store because of by noticing a secured bicycle parking arrangement. With an assurance of keeping their bicycle secured in the parking area they will visit your store with peace of mind.


Getting Durable Bike Racks & Rails in Australia:

Kings Bicycle Parking offers top quality bike racks & rails in Australia that are durable structures and proves to be a good theft deterrent once the bike is locked or chained to it. With quality and excellence we are successfully serving the Australian community since 1996.

USP of Kings Bicycle Parking:

  • Top quality manufactured product.
  • Galvanized and stainless steel bicycle racks.
  • Customized solution for getting bike racks & rails having AS 3890.3 (Australian Standard).
  • 15 years of warranty on our manufactured product.
  • Reasonable price.

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